Welcome to Island Gardening. We live on a beautiful island called Waiheke which is a half hour ferry ride from Auckland City, New Zealand.

We have ten acres of land of which about half is planted in native forest. The rest is home to a small vineyard, producing Syrah and Flora Pinot Gris wine, about 70 olive trees producing olive oil, vegetable and berry gardens, and an orchard. We also have chooks, ducks, and some beehives. The gardens have been developed over the past four years and are still a work in progress.

I have always gardened. When I was a student sitting exams one of my flatmates remarked that I was the only person he knew that used gardening as an excuse not to study. For me it has many pleasures: the aesthetic, the outdoors, the learning, and providing nourishing healthy food for my family. Working in my garden is good for my soul, and makes me happy. Food gardens are what inspire me most. I garden organically, and aspire to a permaculture ethic.

True to this ethos, there is a certain satisfaction in composting my agricultural and culinary failures.

Through this blog I will record my garden’s progress, failures, successes and lessons. I am sharing all of this because I enjoy photographing and recording this journey, but also in the hope that I can spread just a little of the magic that is gardening. If I inspire anyone to grow more of their own produce, please tell me and that would make my day.

Happy Gardening, Christy