Saturday, April 19, 2014

And I'm back!

There's one benefit of leaving your blog for an entire year before posting again - I don't need to change my seasonal title banner.

Despite being autumn, and having had a couple of ex tropical cyclones make themselves felt recently, it is still quite dry in the garden. It's just moist enough to start digging out the remains of the summer vegetable garden. I'm on a mission this Easter to put some semblance of order in place.  I've been so slack I'm resorting to scavenging what I can for dinners as I hate having to buy supermarket vegetables.

One crop I harvested for the first time recently was my Egyptian Walking Onions, also known as Tree Onions. This is the first year I have grown them. I bought my original plants from Ginnys Herbs. I've been impressed by them particularly as they grew easily in some quite poor soil conditions, so I am going to save my entire crop and plant them throughout the food forest this year.

They grow much like shallots. The bulbs produced varied in size quite a lot, most about a typical shallot size.

The bulbs produced at the end of the growing season from one original bulb planted. You pull these apart and either eat them or replant them.

The reason these onions are called 'walking onions, is that they produce these 'topsets' at the top of the flower stalks. They are bulblets that you can plant also. If you leave them the top sets will eventually bend over and touch the ground where they will take root - hence the 'walking onions' name.

I have loads of these bulblets too so looking forward to increasing my yield substantially next year. Might  even have enough to actually eat some!


  1. missed you Christy! So lovely to hear about these beautiful onions - I've left mine behind at Possum Bend...time to start again. I, too, have not been posting...the urge is returning, although it will probably arrive fully-formed when we have our own garden again!

  2. Nice to hear from you Wendy. Look forward to hearing about the new garden when it happens. Which it will :)