Sunday, December 16, 2012

Bio-Intensive Gardening Workshop

Indulged myself with a 3 day gardening workshop last weekend, tutored by Nathan Foote. Hosted by the wonderful Fi, and supported by the GROW Trust (who run the community gardens and the GROW produce exchange/donation table at the Saturday market on Waiheke).

Not all rakes are the same...

 Forks neither. I'm looking at my tools anew. They are mostly a motley lot, I can't recall where most of them come from. Except my trowels which I seem to buy with alarming regularity as they frequently disappear.

 The youngest participant.

 Making free-standing compost. 

 Demonstrating pricking out. Advice was to do it when they get their first two dicot leaves, which is earlier than I have always done. But I have tried it with my basil, and so far so good.

 Making own seed raising mix. Something I have never done, will know I am a serious gardener when I manage to do this!

 Transplanting. The bio- intensive method  is about maximising production in a minimal space, in a sustainable way. Everything has specific spacings. I quite liked these markers below which were used for spacing.

Broadcast seed sowing a compost crop. You can admire the double dug beds which were done by participants, although not, I confess, me. Had an unavoidable meeting... but have since done some double digging in my own garden. A little at a time!

Nathan Foote was fabulous. I could have listened and learnt from him for a lot longer. Highly recommended. New inspiration for the vege garden, which has been useful for these past few days in the heat.


  1. I knew Nathan when he lived in Riverton, Southland. he and I did workshops together, me handling the permaculture side. He's a mean ukele player and very funny guy. We still plant '5-on-the-die', Nathan Foote style!

  2. i imagine you would make a pretty impressive team! he was a funny guy, really enjoyed.