Wednesday, December 19, 2012

An evening walk around the garden

...with my new camera. My old one no longer focussed automatically, had no flash, and then I dropped it so it ony took black photos (not deliberately I promise). After using my basic point and shoot camera for a while, I am enjoying being in control again.

Dwarf sweet peas. 

White stock. All double as promised by the seed packet, but very small plants. 
Not sure if the seed or my growing of it.

Bishops flower. Grown for cutting, as a bonus it's also great for beneficial insects. 

Snapdragons 'Black Prince' (I think that is the variety).

Lettuce from seedlings from Annie. 

Tomatoes in cages looking good so far, fingers crossed. 

Globe artichoke flower in it's fluoroescent glory. 

Beans starting to grow, very late in this year. About to sow some more. 

And finally, enjoying all the flowering parsley.

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  1. I love your artichoke photograph particularly Christy. Have a wonderful summer!