Wednesday, October 10, 2012

A busy few days in the garden

Go away for a week in spring and when you come back the garden will have suddenly gone out of contol. However I ignored the flowering brassicas and got stuck into some orchard planting. It's the perfect time, amd most of these have been patiently waiting for the soil to warm up since late autumn.

Two Casimiroa. I've tried to plant on mounds this time - this part of the garden becomes particularly badly waterlogged in winter. I formed the outside of the mound with weeds and ti tree branches, and piled compost into the middle, topped off with mulch. Actually 'I' didn't do much of this, had a significant amount of help with this job!
 Two 'rainbow valley' pawpaw. I have one of these that is about 3 years old that has done well. The babaco and other pawpaw I've planted haven't thrived, and people say this is one of the nicest tasting, so have decided to just stick with this variety.

 Cinnamon tree - the leaves of this scrunched smell fantastic. Can't wait till it grows bigger. Have planted on the way to the chook run so handy access for random scrunching. Apparently you can use the leaves, as well as the traditional bark - need to research that. Want one? Claire from Subtropica has a few left - but once they are gone it may be a while before they are available again.

2 figs. I'm not sure how many years I've had these... they have been in their pots for a very long time.

Plus a few other bits and pieces, still have a lot to go, particularly herbs. 

Netted the loquat (after mending the net, nice to start a season with a no hole net!). Not so much fruit this year.

Caught a swarm of bees! Was in the orchard when I heard the buzzing - took a couple of minutes to realise one of my hives was swarming. Watched them as they travelled, and eventually settled about 20 metres away in a small manuka tree. I wasn't initially thinking about catching them, but they had settled in such an accessible location that it seemed obligatory. So I bravely put on my suit and set up a new hive for them to go in to. Ended up being relatively simple, and they have stayed put so far - that's them on the far left.

 Some more planting - new house gardens. Have been agonising over plant choices for here for a long while. New gardening territory for me. Looking forward to see how it turns out. Mostly hellebores, aquilegias, and lady's mantle in here - it's a relatively shady site.

 Another part - sunnier here - have put in purple salvias, red dahlias, and lady's mantle. With some red and white ranunculus bought impulsively at the garden centre.

The veges haven't been completely neglected - managed to put in these lettuce seedlings (thanks James!).

And after all that a glass of freshly squeezed lemonades tasted pretty good.

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