Friday, May 25, 2012

On the Way Home

The school bus route changed recently so that it's possible for the children to catch the bus home now. We've been picking them up from the bus stop in the village, but are working towards them walking home - it's about a 30 minute walk for them. I was thinking about it the other day - there is one part of the road which is narrow and windy which I wasn't feeling too comfortable about them walking on their own - when I suddenly realised it is possible for them to avoid this, by walking along the beach no less. So this week we tested it out.

Me being slightly distracted by autumn berries. No idea what this tree is. Couldn't help wondering if berries edible.

 Also by the gorgeous colour of the these day lilies outside the real estate agents.

Why thank you, I am.

 Along the beach. 

With a few stops along the way. To check out some rather smelly starfish. 

 As well as some sticks and shells. 

 Last look at Oneroa as we go up the hill. 

 Along the road, fond memories of this stretch from walking them when they were very small to kindy.

 Past our wetland. 

To the bottom of the our driveway. 

Not a bad walk home from school.


  1. Utterly beautiful. What a very special place to live Christy.

    1. it is. can't quite believe that we do live here sometimes.