Sunday, March 4, 2012

Raspberry Season


 And although it was a perfect day for gardening I had a prior committment - helping out at the community snorkelling day at Enclosure Bay.  Alex spent a solid four hours playing with his friends in kayaks and on boards. Picture perfect. What a gorgeous place we live in.
Thanks to my sea sports students Felix and Lena for being volunteer snorkel guides.
You guys are awesome.


  1. Are those orange raspberries or actual orangeberries? If they are orangeberries I'd love to know your secret to getting them to fruit! (Either way... yum!)

  2. orange raspberries I'm sorry to say.... i did have some orangeberries for a while but gave up on them (they're not the most attractive plant otherwise), i'm not sure i've ever met someone who has got them to fruit. i might try them again though, maybe in a wilder part of the garden where they will get totally ignored, and maybe then they will surprise...