Saturday, March 31, 2012

Flora Pinot Gris Harvest

Harvested on Thursday, right in the middle of this beautiful autumn weather we've been having. You wouldn't know the season has been causing significant stress in the wine industry based on the current weather. We'e not holding our breath though - next week looks a little wet (again). But! The flora actually looks pretty good despite the weather, and am pleased with our crop this year. Will post the stats when I have them.

We had a particularly lovely picking crew this year - the viticulture students from Waiheke High School. As far as I am aware, we have the only High School viticulture programme in the country. They did a good job, with lots of smiles. I enjoyed seeing the students in a different context - quite a few of them are in my sea sports class.

The children had the tradtional time off school to help. Alex got stuck right in and liked being a 'bin boy' for the first time this year - collecting up the emptied bins and re-arranging them on rows yet to be picked. Melina particularly enjoyed doing the check with me, walking along rows that had been picked making sure no grapes had been missed. She was also quite content to work alongside me picking, no complaints at all. Between the two of them in a few years time I can just imagine them leading the picking crew.

Now it's a waiting game for the Syrah which is ripening veeerrrry slowly. As long as it keeps on ripening, and doesn't stall, and botrytis doesn't rear it's head too early, then fingers crossed for a good syrah harvest too.

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