Friday, February 3, 2012

Seed Saving

I'm a rather random seed saver. But it is always satisfying. And despite being brown and looking rather dead, they can have a beauty all of  their own. Some recent collections:

 Sweet peas. I haven't bought sweet pea seeds for years, as I'm quite happy with the mostly purple flowering selection I've ended up with. The children like to 'pod' them, and even I quite enjoy the way they spring open when you touch them.

Good King Henry seeds. Collection prompted by a request from an Ooooby member. An perennial salad plant which I have to confess I have only nibbled on in passing. But I would like to grow more plants for the food forest, if I have enough they might survive a duck onslaught. 

Honesty seeds. These come from a plant grown by Melina, from a packet of seeds that came from the bank as a promotion - Melina was keen on growing them as soon as she found out they were labelled 'money plant'. I grew up knowing them as honesty. I'm not sure if Melina was disappointed that they didn't grow actual money, but she did enjoy peeling back the outer brown layer of the seed pods, to reveal the seeds and the silvery inner, just as I did as a child.

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