Sunday, August 7, 2011

A walk around Taloa Village

 I'm typing one handed, so captions may be brief. 

Alex trying out the village pump. They seemed to use rainwater for drinking and used these pumps for all other water. These pumps were in other villages too - usually labelled by the aid project that had provided them.

 Children peeking out of their classroom. 

The main church. Presbyterian.

 Missionary graveyard, surrounded by cosmos. Apart from some tropical flowers which I do not know the name of, the two flowers that were grown in Vanuatu were orange and yellow cosmos, and pink zinnias.

 Mike quizzing the school children with maths questions. They thought it was hilarious.

 Nakamal. The village was very proud of this.  It was recently re-built, using tradtional construction methods. It took a couple of years, using the Tuesday villages working bees. I did liked the concept of a weekly community working bee (and one imagined it was compulsory). I wondered if this was instigated by the missionaries here? The nakamal is a place where the men gather to drink kava, but this one also seemed to be used frequently for community meetings and celebrations - rather like a marae.

 Inside roof of nakamal. All bound together using pandanus palm. 

 Drum, hollowed out tree log, used to summon villagers to meetings, also to pass along messages between villages. 

Although nowadays they find the dive tank cylinder more effective.

 Pineapples growing underneath the banana palms.

 Mural on the wall of school. I particularly liked the kissy lips.