Sunday, October 2, 2011

And now back to the garden

I have been spending some long awaited time in the garden over the past couple of weeks, and have been enjoying it very much. Am also keen to spend some time back on the blog, but don't want to exert myself too much, so to get back gently into it, here are some springtime photos from around the garden. I think it's my favourite season.
 Still my favourite flower - the first sweet peas of the season.

 Almond blossom, always the first in the orchard to flower. Have yet to get any actual almonds off these though.

 It's the first year of picking my asparagus bed! And it's true what they say, freshly picked asparagus is amazing. You can eat it raw, it is very sweet and tender. The kids have been gobbling it up lightly steamed and salted. Unfortunately the pukeko also have a taste for it, so I may  need to net it. And it looks like my little bed is definitely not big enough. I'm thinking asparagus may get some more space of it's own in my garden expansion plans....

 Self sown borage is flowering prolifically at the moment. 

 Dwarf kowhai trees planted in the food forest are blooming. I can however suggest that you don't try transplanting these. I tried this couple of months ago, with one that was in the way of my new path and it is now Very Dead. Planning my paths before I planted may have been advisable.

 I only have a tiny patch of peas at the moment, about a foot square, but it is being frequently raided, and much appreciated. Need to plant more peas.

And finally, the sunsets seem to always be lovely at this time of year. Melina is enjoying taking photos of them so I have loads of fuzzy pink to delete.

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