Sunday, May 8, 2011


I could easily plant my whole garden in brassicas. They are one of my favourite crops, mostly because a broccoli or cauliflower picked from the garden tastes soooo much better than a bought one. I think some kind of bitter chemical starts developing in broccoli in particular after it has been picked? Last season you just couldn't buy organic broccoli either, so I had no problem shifting my excess on to one of the local food co-ops.

Cavolo Nero, or Tuscan Kale is a first for me. I have often admired the towering plants in other people's gardens. I'll introduce it to the children by one of it's other names: dinosaur kale. Sandra has been writing about cooking with kale for her family. I'm keen to start feeding it to my family too. 

 I was fascinated to read in a recent 'Get Growing' newsletter that you can nip out the growing tips of cabbages, and the plants will prosuce several mini cabbages instead of one big one. So I boldly took out the middle of a couple of the cabbages. Except afterward I re-read the instructions, and I think I might have done too soon. Will be interesting to see what happens anyway.

 The purple sprouting broccoli is looking lovely with it's purple stems and veins. It's growing more slowly than my other variety of broccoli, but this is what it did last year too.

I still have 4 punnets of brassica seedlings to prick out, but unfortunately their labels are unreadable so I have no idea what they are. I did write in my diary that I planted red cabbage, romanesco broccoli, cauliflower and kohl rabi. It wouldn't be a problem except that the kohlrabi could be planted a lot closer together than the others. But since I don't know which is which, the kohl rabi  will find itself with a generous amount of growing space. I hope it appreciates it.

 And not a brassica at all, but a late planting of beans has actually produced some beans.

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  1. Those brassicas could be models in the vegetable world. They look marvellous. I thought Calvolo Nero was black and I have been intending to try it. This year I've had better success with a green curly Kale than the red kale. Sandra is right, It's one thing to grow it and another to get it eaten but my family does prefer it to cabbage. It will be interesting to see if that red cabbage turns up with the goods. I've heard of quatering the stem after picking the cabbage and getting a cabbage off each quarter. The concept is good.