Thursday, December 16, 2010

Plum Picking

Plums are one of my favourite fruit, but rarely bought because they often disappoint. I have about 5 plum trees, but they are young, and only one has fruit on it this year. So I was delighted when a generous friend offered us the chance to go on a plum picking expedition after school today.

I took my camera along, hoping for some lovely shots of plums being placed carefully in picturesque baskets, children with juice running down their faces, and Alex climbing the gnarled trees to reach the highest plums. It didn't quite work out like that. It was raining, but we gamely went anyway. Alex refused to climb the trees after his first aborted attempt due to plum thorns, I'd forgotton about those. The children were far more interested in eating the plums, than helping to pick them, and also enjoyed stomping on those which they had deemed not good enough to pick up anyway. The only one up the tree ended up being me, and Alex was delighted by the 'bombs' that dropped when when I shook the branches. The camera never made it out of it's protected bag.

At home, under cover, the plums were sorted into the eaters (above) and put in the chiller, where they should keep for a few days. The rest were bagged up and put into the freezer to be made into jam at a later date, when I'm feeling a little more motivated.

Next on the wish list: apricots.

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