Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Blogging when I should be Working

Black and red raspberries picked before the rain came...
It's raining today, and am feeling no motivation towards completing paperwork, so thought I could at least blog about the garden if I can't be out there, athough my brother would probably say that's what raincoats are for. It's nice not to have to be on watering duty at the moment, which for me comprises a complicated coded system for the seven different areas which have different watering systems. Complications also arise from the fact that beacuse it is all gravity fed some drip lines only have enough pressure to be used when the tanks are full. Mike has been a star over the dry spring, making sure that the main tanks are topped up from the bore.

This one's for you Michelle - the jerusalem artichokes have finally started growing.
The tomato stakes are falling over and I can't get them any further into the ground despite the wet. The berries are also a little sad as they don't like the rain and turn to mould/mush very fast. On a more positive note a couple of days ago I cleared out the sweet peas and saved enough seed for a decent showing next year. I've long since given up trying to grow a particular colour/s and now some years I have lots of blues and purples, and some years pinks and maroons. I've also planted out a small corn patch (late I know, I misplaced my seed stash, but found it again eventually, hooray). Spring onions and some shallots grown from seed have also been planted.

We're harvesting our first cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, beans, and courgettes. The garden thinks it's summer even if the weather has decided to turn nasty.

Now off to fill in my sustainable winegrowing paperwork. Fun.

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