Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Virtual Garden Tour

There are some benefits - you don't have to battle to find a parking space on the side of the road, or walk up our steep driveway in the hot sun.

In the order that my computer decided are some photos that I took of the garden on the weekend. Be warned - this is only half of them.

 New addition to the vege patch, I ran out of room for my tomatoes so decided to try some in wine barrels.

 I heard several people say how clever it was to contain my alstromeria's like this to stop them spreading. Actually a happy accident as I had no idea about their colonising abilities when I planted them.

 Blueberry surrounded by marigolds, pansies, and chamomile. 

Blueberry patch on right, boysenberries on left.

 From other end - boysenberries on right. 

'Grand Nord' rose in vineyard. 

 Perennial herbs

 Mike doing wine tasting in vineyard.

 Peach tree underplanted with nasturtiums and NZ spinach. 

 'Aotearoa NZ' rose in vineyard.

 Purple sprouting broccoli still producing. 

 Stinging nettle. A few people were bemused by my cultivation of this.

 Thyme bank  in vineyard.

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  1. Gorgeous Christy. Your garden looks both practical and pretty, my favourite sort.