Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Garden Craft

 I quite like it when I come up with a way to combine my love of making things with gardening. I've been wanting to put some signs in the garden for a while now. I'm slowly developing my plan working towards making our gardens more educational, and lots of people look through them, so I thought some signage might add to the experience. It took me a long time to come up with an idea that I was happy with. Black marker pens on iceblock sticks wasn't really the look I was going for. So when I was painting a piece of board to make a blackboard for the school kitchen gardens, I started thinking about how I could translate that to the garden. I quite liked the idea of using the blackboard/chalk look, to tie in with the cafe menu board, which makes the link with using the produce in the kitchen.

 I used some scrap ply and sawed it up into slices, using the table saw at the local community education night woodwork class. I gave them a couple of coats of blackboard paint, wrote on them, then sprayed with varnish. I thought it wasn't going to work when I put the varnish on for while it's wet the writing disappears, but was relieved when it dried nicely. I didn't have a back up plan.

I haven't labelled everything, just plants which are commonly asked about, or more unusual, or because of their place in the garden.


  1. I'm sure the woodwork teacher is constantly surprised with your creations. The labels look great. I always wish that the Botanic Gardens in Dn had more labels. It always seems to be the plant you don't know that isn't labelled.

  2. Hehe, great minds think alike :) These look great with the coloured chalk. Nice and clear and easy to read! Your mint garden is looking lush too.

  3. These labels are lovely. I liked Ruth's too. I'm glad I have a large garden so I can borrow lots of different ideas from all over.