Tuesday, October 5, 2010

6 Week Countdown

The weather over the last few days has been so lovely, and timely given that we have now entered the six week countdown to the garden safari. Last week the seedlings that I was potting up kept getting blown away, so I have been relishing these calm sunny days. I'm trying not to think of the garden safari as a threatening deadline, but rather a great opportunity to get everything ready for the busy summer season. 

I'm feeling organised at least - here's my six week to do list. I always feel a vague sense of accomplishment when I make a list, even though I haven't actually achieved anything on it yet. My job list is the longest, but I've put (in a hopeful way) some rather ambitious jobs on Mike's like 'construct new path down side of berry patch'.

My major accomplishment this week has been weeding/removing grass from the bank below the beehives, and planting about 30 new thyme plants (grown from seed last summer). I've also planted some anise hyssop there, which I seem to have also enthusiastically grown rather a lot of, and have mulched the bank and the neighbouring two avacado trees with well rotted hay and chook manure from their enclosure next door.

I'm trying not to look too wistfully at everything which is looking at it's best right now, and which won't be in six weeks time. This includes....
 ...purple sprouting broccoli, unless it produces for that long?


 ...brilliantly coloured rainbow silverbeet, which is all starting to go to seed

...some impressively fat fennel, although tempted to leave some of this here, not sure when it will start going to seed

...and the freesias of course.

I do however have high hopes for the sweet peas, alstromerias, and the berry plants should be looking nice and lush.


  1. You're right, that list is very impressive as are the photos; I've just planted fennel seed and thyme; part of gardening here is working out the best time to put things in. School holidays nearly over and I'm moving back into active gardening possibilities. I don't envy a garden tour deadline...

  2. Good luck with all your jobs! Your garden is looking stunning now and I'm sure it'll be even more stunning in time for the tour. I'll be watching your progress with bated breathe! (Better than a soap opera) LOL.